Database of Sustainable Solutions

Our hub of verified solutions collects and showcases LCA-verified
solutions for the superyacht industry.

The superyacht industry’s hub to discover LCA verified solutions

Our platform of verified solutions collects and promotes LCA verified products that are proven to be more sustainable and ready to be implemented.

This allows the superyacht industry to find proven improved solutions that can be installed on board new build or existing yachts to reduce their environmental impact. Lack of awareness may be a reason that these solutions have not yet been embraced to their full potential. Our database seeks to address this, while also avoiding greenwashing by only promoting verified sustainable solutions.


Verified Solutions

Awlgrip HDT by AkzoNobel
Explore E8 & E9 by OceanLED
Hempaguard X7 by Hempel
Hull Vane by Hull Vane B.V.
Magellan 630 Extra & Giraglia 633 Extra by Boero
RecondOil by SKF

Submit your solution

We are now calling upon suppliers to submit their solutions for verification and inclusion in the database. As a supplier of sustainable solutions, you deserve a stage to be promoted among key decision-makers, highlighting that investing in a sustainable future is not only the right thing to do but that it also pays off.

Our vision

Our vision is for the database to become the superyacht industry’s reference for discovering LCA verified solutions, increasing their adoption and integration. The database will be the central point for showcasing and disseminating environmentally conscious products, both those that are already available for the yachting industry as well as innovations from other sectors that can also be applied to superyachts. And, with our Yacht Assessment Tool, we are able to implement the verified solution during a yacht’s design phase and improve its environmental performance overall.

Over time, this database will not only include sustainable solutions for superyachts, but also a library of sustainably sourced materials, facility improvements, Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), and best practices.

How it works

We invite suppliers to submit their solutions for LCA verification, proving the improved environmental performance of their product. This is a win-win – once listed, yacht designers, builders and client representative teams are able to discover verified solutions for their yacht and reduce its overall environmental impact. The same applies for refit, where captains, designers and refit yards who are searching for ways to upgrade existing yachts are able to find proven environmental solutions that can offer immediate results.


It’s in everyone’s best interest if the database can guarantee that all listed solutions have an improved environmental footprint. Therefore, before a solution will be published in the hub, it must first be verified. Our verification process is science-based and uses a clear and transparent method. Upon registration, a data collection sheet will be shared, together with guidelines and an agreement to ensure confidentiality. The process involves a rigorous appraisal of the solution, assessing ten different environmental indicators over a solution’s entire life cycle, from raw material extraction through its end of life. If a solution is found to contribute to a sufficient reduction in environmental impact, it will obtain a stamp of verification and be included in the database. If the solution was not found to offer a substantive enough improvement, constructive feedback on how to further improve will be shared. After all, we’re here to help everyone to improve their sustainability.

Participation through partnership

The verification process can only be started by becoming a corporate partner of Water Revolution Foundation. Time and data are required from companies when submitting their sustainable solution for verification. However, the biggest investment of time is on the side of Water Revolution Foundation. Therefore, for the verification process we kindly request a participation fee to cover a portion of our labour costs. Water Revolution Foundation wants to keep the barrier as low as possible and prefers that companies view the process as a collaborative relationship.

Already a partner? This verification process is free of cost.