Yacht Environmental Transparency index

Introducing a systematic approach to comparing superyachts.
After all, comparing is caring.

Comparing superyachts by their environmental credentials

In order to build more environmentally-friendly yachts, we need to first be able to compare them.

For example, how does Concept A compare to Concept B? But how can we compare two completely different superyachts? And how do we make sure that everyone uses the same approach? That’s where the Yacht Environmental Transparency Index (YETI) comes in; Water Revolution Foundation’s first joint industry project. YETI’s objective is to define a general profile of a superyacht, allowing both yachts and concepts to be benchmarked based on their environmental footprint.

The inaugural YETI meeting
March 2019

The approach

By analysing the actual operational profiles of superyachts, an average annual profile can be determined that serves as a benchmark. This approach is not new; energy labels of cars and refrigerators work in the same way. Of course, superyachts are much more complex — and diverse. Subsequently, technology that reduces environmental impact will be identified and weighed in order to be recognised and rewarded in the index categories. In addition to the operational profile of yachts, the build and refit stages will also be taken into account. YETI will be as inclusive as possible, allowing the existing fleet to be included and, through refits, able to achieve a higher index score.

YETI will provide additional arguments for clients to choose sustainable solutions, ultimately encouraging and rewarding sustainable choices through better index scores. This is important work that is expected to become the mechanism to change the conventional approach to yacht design, construction and refit.

The companies involved

In order to make a real change, such an initiative needs widespread support. We’re pleased to share that the following companies are active participators in the YETI project. And it’s an impressive list. The fleet of superyachts created by these companies is unrivalled. Their know-how and motivation for developing a high-level, robust tool is exactly the leadership the superyacht industry needs to accelerate change. We look forward to continuing to work with them as we bring YETI towards completion.

The YETI project was initiated by Bram Jongepier, senior designer at Feadship – De Voogt Naval Architects, who currently serves as the group-appointed chair. The project is a great example of Water Revolution providing the collaborative platform to approach complex challenges. The project group consists of ten renowned shipyards, three leading naval architecture companies and three Dutch knowledge institutions.