Discover our guidelines and protocols created to advance sustainability in the superyacht sector across a range of topics. 

Code of Conduct

Our Code is made up of ten commitments that, when implemented and adhered to in daily practice, will make a real difference in reducing the environmental footprint of the superyacht industry and restoring our precious oceans.

Environmental Crew Guidelines

These free and open-source guidelines are your go to source for information and inspiration towards ‘eco-friendlier’ practices onboard, all fuelled by requests from within the yachting industry.

Designer’s Protocol

This standardised document features topics to discuss with clients for consideration when planning a new build and guiding sustainability principles for every new project.

Sustainability Communication Guidelines

These guidelines were created in order to ensure that communication on the industry’s sustainability effort is done constructively and in a beneficial way for the sender, and the sector at large.

Sustainability Reporting Guidelines

These guidelines will prepare you with the questions relevant to our industry, helping you to understand where you stand in the preparation for official reporting.