Designer's Protocol

A standardised document of sustainability principles for every yacht designer

Guiding sustainability principles for designers

This collaborative effort by top naval architects & designers aims to inspire the broader yacht design community and provide a standardised document with guiding sustainability principles for every new project.

Our Sustainable Yacht Design Taskforce recently developed the first version of a Designer’s Protocol initiated by Dickie Bannenberg of Bannenberg & Rowell Design, featuring topics to discuss with clients for consideration when planning a new build. The 10 primary topics of interest include operational profile, hotel load, decking solutions, and more.


The protocol has been developed based on the acronym ‘INFLUENCES.’

Instigate an environmental ambition at the outset
Navigate hull form & propulsion options
Focus on life cycle (LCA)
Look at energy sources
Understand operational profile
Educate about the implications of a dark-painted hull
Nudge towards alternative decking solutions
Collaborate on specifying sustainable materials & finishes
Examine hotel load & A/C
Support options for glazing treatments