Environmental Crew Guidelines

A comprehensive package of crew best practices

Nurturing eco-friendly practices onboard

A comprehensive set of free and open-source guidelines, designed for and by crew, to foster a culture of environmental awareness across all departments within your day-to-day operations, will soon be released for industry use.

Initiated together with MB92 Group & created by Danella Hopkins (formerly of S/Y Black Pearl), these guidelines are not about rigid rules. Rather, they’re your go to source for information and inspiration towards ‘eco-friendlier’ practices onboard, all fuelled by requests from within the yachting industry. By encouraging and empowering yacht crews to adopt more eco-friendly practices into their daily routines, the guidelines can contribute to a more sustainable industry.

Yacht management companies are encouraged to join us as strategic partners leading up to the launch of the guidelines this fall. Get in touch for more information at ecocrew@waterrevolutionfoundation.org


Be the first to receive the guidelines

When you sign up for the brochure, you’re automatically added to our database. This ensures that you’ll receive the guidelines as soon as they are published. Your management company may also provide them to you as part of their sustainability initiative.