Environmental Crew Guidelines

A comprehensive package of crew best practices

For and by crew

A comprehensive set of free and open-source guidelines, designed to foster a culture of environmental awareness & nurture eco-friendly practices onboard.

Initiated together with MB92 Group & created by Danella Hopkins (formerly of S/Y Black Pearl), these guidelines are not about rigid rules. Rather, they’re your go to source for information and inspiration towards ‘eco-friendlier’ practices onboard, all fuelled by requests from within the yachting industry. By encouraging and empowering yacht crews to adopt more eco-friendly practices into their daily routines, the guidelines can contribute to a more eco-friendly industry overall.

Reducing emissions onboard

Crews play a crucial role in maintaining the eco-friendly practices that reduce the environmental footprint of superyachts.

While many technical and digital solutions have already been introduced to drive the superyacht industry’s energy transition, these developments address only one facet of the challenge – a transition in onboard practices is also crucial. This initiative will provide crew with an extensive knowledge base and practical tools in order to foster a concrete shift toward sustainable superyacht operations.

Powered by industry leaders

Setting a minimum standard across the industry through united, coordinated action

Yacht management companies, shipyards, and even vessels have committed their support to the Environmental Crew Guidelines in order to ensure their widespread adoption and be distinguished as true change agents, guiding the way forward for a more eco-friendly yachting sector. 

Get involved

The continued support of companies in the yachting industry is essential to foster industry-wide adoption of the guidelines.

 In the spirit of collaboration, we invite you to join the movement aimed at achieving a substantial accumulated reduction in the environmental impact of the 5,500 30m+ fleet. Those who come onboard will gain recognition, obtain individual chapters upon request, receive a Supporter Stamp to signify commitment, and have the opportunity to share feedback and additional best practices, actively contributing to the ongoing development of the document.