Magellan 630 Extra & Giraglia 633 Extra by Boero YachtCoatings, RecondOil by SKF, & Awlgrip HDT by AkzoNobel have recently received third-party verification for providing innovative solutions to conventional onboard systems.

The verification process includes a quantified evaluation of a solution’s impact on both the environment and human health measured through Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), the most widely-recognized scientific methodology for assessing the potential environmental impacts associated with a product or service. We are proud to share the three latest solutions that have undergone this stringent process and been proven to contribute to increased efficiency, reduction of environmental impact, and cleaner processes.

Magellan 630 Extra & Giraglia 633 Extra

Boero YachtCoating’s verified antifoulings, Magellan 630 Extra and Giraglia 633 Extra, offer a 20% reduction in environmental impact over the entire lifecycle compared to their previous, standard antifouling products. These high-quality solutions have been developed using innovative SPC technology, providing self-polishing systems with maximum protection and a significantly improved footprint.


SKF’s RecondOil has been verified due to its fully circular approach through the use of patented Double Separation Technology (DST) that ensures the oil remains exceptionally clean, preventing aging and enabling repeated use. The resulting ultra-clean oil contributes to significant performance improvements and longer machine life, all while improving the overall environmental impact.

Awlgrip HDT

The latest entry in our Database of Solutions is Awlgrip HDT, which incorporates High Definition Technology (HDT) to create a new standard in topcoat appearance and durability. This eco-friendly alternative to standard topcoat products delivers cutting-edge performance while substantially reducing impact compared to its previous version.

Verify your solution!

By presenting more environmentally-conscious alternatives to conventional systems within the yachting industry, Magellan 630 Extra & Giraglia 633 Extra, RecondOil, and Awlgrip HDT embody the mission of our database. Having undergone the thorough third-party Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), these solutions have earned access to exhibit at Monaco Yacht Show’s Sustainability Hub and METSTRADE’s Sustainability Route.

Suppliers are urged to draw inspiration from such products by going through the assessment process to gain valuable insights and showcase the verifiability of their solutions, among a myriad of additional benefits. To get started and learn more, please reach out to us at