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Water Revolution Foundation. Ocean Conservation

Ocean conservation and the superyacht industry

Our united passion for the water is the very reason our industry exists. We are intrinsically connected to the oceans and our future relies on their health.

But the very environment we treasure is in danger. The oceans are ailing. Overfishing, pollution and negligence is putting immense pressure on the marine world. Without urgent help, it will be too late to turn the tide.

To continue enjoying the oceans, we need to work together to safeguard them. Our industry, with its innate connection to the water, is in a unique strategic position to take action and help shape a better future.

Getting to grips with the issues we face

We need to fully understand a problem before we can solve it. That’s why ocean literacy is a big part of our work. Ocean literacy ensures that we all understand our influence on the oceans and similarly, the ocean’s influence on us. Education is a vital building block when it comes to improving ocean health.

Influenced and guided by ocean literacy frameworks at the highest scientific levels, including the United Nations and UNESCO, we want to arm our industry with knowledge, promoting a deeper understanding of the issues we face and raising awareness about the ways our own industry can reduce its impact.

This is our opportunity to create an engaged superyacht industry which actively wants to take a collective responsibility in protecting our precious oceans.

Our vision for ocean conservation

At Water Revolution Foundation, we understand that the challenges facing our oceans are also the challenges of our own industry. Alongside our efforts to reduce the footprint of the superyacht industry, we recognise that for a well-rounded approach and a sustainable future, we must also directly invest in conservation efforts. We are intrinsically linked to the water and it is only logical and right that we treat this crucial natural resource with the care and attention it so urgently deserves.

We are in a fortunate position to create change – the very nature of our business means that we are naturally passionate about the oceans, and we are also blessed with some of the world’s most affluent and influential clients, who care deeply about shaping a healthier future for our marine environment.

We know that to make a real difference, this needs to be a collaborative effort. By following the framework of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, adopted by the United Nations, and by working closely with the scientific community, we aim to support the oceans at the highest possible level, taking care to invest in the initiatives that will truly make a difference. This is the only way we can create true change.

We see a vital role for ourselves as connectors, directing support to the most relevant and effective projects. Our inaugural collection of conservation projects, all given the scientific seal of approval, will be launched later this year, inspiring the superyacht industry to take action. We will share our progress with you here as we move through the selection process and work together towards a more sustainable future.

The facts

  • 31% of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere are absorbed by the oceans
  • Between 30 and 35% of critical marine habitats have already been destroyed.
  • If the concentration of atmospheric CO2 continues to increase at the current rate, the ocean will become corrosive to the shells of many marine organisms by the end of this century.
  • Ocean acidification may render most regions of the ocean inhospitable to coral reefs, affecting tourism, food security, shoreline protection, and biodiversity.
  • By the year 2100, without significant changes, more than half of the world’s marine species may stand on the brink of extinction.

Source: UNESCO Intergovernmental
Oceanographic Commission