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Air Vortex® Process
We introduce conditioned turbulent air streams through a pipe system under remediation, correctly treader air streams are supplied at the inlet and a vacuum recovery unit at the outlet. Aggregate scours the line and cleans it to substrate. Subsequently, a polymer is injected into the airstream, lining the entire pipe system evenly. Our process works through bends, connections, and verticals.

Air Vortex® process is accomplished by initially drying the pipe with conditioned air, followed by measured portions of abrading agent sequentially passed through to clean the surface to substrate, preparing it for coating. The air streams produced are adjusted and treated through a multitude of filters, driers, and heated to facilitate the ideal coating conditions. These parameters are actively monitored and adjusted throughout the entire process. Carefully controlled air flows allow the mixed polymer to be injected into the air stream, carrying the polymer swiftly down the pipe. The cohesive properties of the polymer adhere to the pipe walls, leftover product is pushed further, only the required thickness remains. The coating encapsulates the host pipe system, preventing further chemical process degradation.

Our Mission
Vessels experience serious degradation of pipe systems due to abrasion, erosion, corrosion and general wear and tear.  We offer solutions resulting from years of diverse engineering expertise to restore, preserve, and optimise pipe system lifecycles. Cleaned and lined pipes provide a non-corrosive barrier between the host pipe and medium flowing, greatly reducing friction and energy loss.

Environmental Benefit
Our carbon footprint is a fraction to replacement. Tonne(s) of pipe are not disposed of, No toxic chemicals are used, No manufacturing and logistics of new pipes, and no need to dismantle the vessel to get to the pipe systems. Pipe systems fill with debris, corrosion, and sediment that decrease flow, leading to increased operating costs and wasted energy. Degrading pipe systems create leaks that can cause extensive damage to the environment. Corroded or clogged pipe systems are hazardous. All waste produced during our process is disposed of through our aggregate recover unit and filtered through a HEPA filter.