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The Netherlands

Bayards is renowned for its exceptional reputation in luxury yacht construction, demonstrating impeccable craftsmanship, and a rich history of experience and engineering.

Our shipbuilding expertise encompasses the production of aluminium superyacht and sailboat hulls, superstructures, and complete cascos. By harnessing the unique properties of aluminium, we craft structures that seamlessly meld aesthetics with engineering excellence.

With 60 years of innovation in high-tech aluminium engineering, we empower designers and shipyards to bring intricate engineering visions to life. As a co-engineering ally, we bridge engineering and production seamlessly, refining the build process.

Crucially, as a pioneer in the use of low-carbon aluminium, Bayards operates at the forefront of sustainable yacht building.

Peter Lürssen

Why Bayards supports Water Revolution

“Bayards Yacht Structures is dedicated to ensuring that future generations can also experience the wonders of a thriving and healthy ocean. We believe that aluminium holds the potential to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the superyacht industry. Notable attributes include its endless recyclability with minimal energy consumption, and its lightweight nature which leads to substantial fuel savings. Bayards are collaborating with our suppliers to introduce Ultra Low Carbon Footprint Aluminium to the industry—aluminium that is recycled using renewable energy sources.

We understand that good intentions alone aren’t sufficient. Objectively quantifiable data is crucial to differentiate genuine sustainability efforts from mere greenwashing. We are honored to partner with the Water Revolution Foundation to thoroughly analyze and quantify every aspect of the production process and lifecycle of our aluminium yacht structures.”

— Huib Slings, Managing Director