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The Yachting Division of Gruppo Boero has been a reference point for the Italian and international market for decades. Thanks to its brand, Boero YachtCoatings, Gruppo Boero has established its presence on the market with an extremely wide range of products for the painting, repair and maintenance of boats, as a result of constant investment in R&D in order to provide innovative and high-performance paint products, ensuring low environmental impact.

Boero YachtCoatings is today a brand that multiplies its expertise and develops its value in all business processes: research, innovation, production, distribution, service and environmental care.

From its plant, which is considered one of the largest production facilities for the paint industry in Europe, Boero YachtCoatings ships more than 250,000 packages of more than 1,000 different products every year to all foreign countries that play a significant role in the international yachting scene: an expansion strategy made possible thanks to a global network of national distributors and the presence of technical and sales specialists.

The scientific research, methodical refinement and continuous effort in technological upgrading of Boero YachtCoatings’ researchers find concrete expression in the wide range of products offered, which are the result of selected raw materials, formulas in line with the latest regulations and production processes guaranteeing constant quality that are combined with continuous attention to the environment.

Our constant commitment to the ecosystem reflects our awareness of being in a rapidly evolving context that requires a collaborative effort and a well-structured action plan, capable of promoting a culture of sustainability, defining tangible objectives and assessing the social and environmental impacts that we want to generate through our activities towards the community and the territory.

We are committed to fostering an economy that enhances the value of raw materials and promotes policies to raise awareness among our retailers and consumers for a conscious use of our products, offering a range of Green and Safe products that can limit the direct effects of superyacht-related activities on the entire planet.


Why Boero YachtCoatings supports Water Revolution

“For Boero YachtCoatings, the chance to cooperate with an organisation that shares the same values with us is something to be really proud of. We want to work with Water Revolution Foundation to have a concrete impact on the preservation of our seas, by quantifying the environmental alteration caused by the use of certain products.⁠

Research and knowledge are essential to promote the adoption of a regulated model and coordinate collective efforts needed to expand the collection of concrete solutions in favour of the community, in line with the values recommended by Water Revolution Foundation.”⁠

— Gemma Gonzalez, Yachting Business Unit Director, Boero YachtCoatings⁠