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Professor in Yacht Design at the European Institute of Design (IED) in Rome, Michela Reverberi is an architect and interior designer with experience in both sailing and motor yachts that have resulted in several prestigious international awards. Operating at an international level, the studio’s expertise is expressing Italian culture, renowned for its beauty and harmony.

“As the concept of luxury evolves, so too does the notion that we can embrace sustainability without foregoing opportunities for comfort and exclusivity. I believe that all yachting projects should reinterpret luxury while maintaining its essence, which provides beauty, exclusivity and quality, but also with an attention to its impact on the environment, society, market and workforce.

The economic power of our clients represents an opportunity to experiment with new technologies that can be used then for the wider market. Through the new way of conceiving yachts, viewing them as authentic hubs for innovation and adopting technological cycles closer to biological cycles in order to increase their efficiency, they are transformed from objects capable of penetrating the seas, to objects that take care of our precious oceans, respecting their worth. It is not a question of giving up something but is instead about widening one’s gaze and allowing oneself to go and look for a better and more efficient method of satisfying conscious needs. I am proud to become a laboratory for innovation.”


Why Michela Reverberi Design supports Water Revolution

“It is important for me to reduce each yacht’s ecological impact and preserve the oceans. That is why I enthusiastically embraced Water Revolution Foundation. It is a growing initiative that brings together scientists, shipyards, technicians and customers. I have a lot of experience I can draw on, including my involvement in 32 boats delivered over 27 years, as well as 5 more under construction. Because of this, my approach to sustainability is ongoing and part of a broad, integrated vison that offers innovative solutions to the great environmental challenges we face. Importantly, it demonstrates that coexistence between the need to respect the eco-system and the aesthetic-functional enhancement of the environment is possible.”

— Michela Reverberi