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Octo Marine is the market leader in the design, supply, and maintenance of water treatment products and services for the marine industry. We offer watermakers, softeners, drinking systems, pumps, water sterilization services, water analysis, and more. Operating from our base in the South of France, our team of technicians can intervene from Marseille to Genoa, and further afield by request. We now have premises and technicians in Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca to offer a more reactive service to our clients. And our logistics team ship internally on a daily basis.

We are committed to our campaign, THINK OUTSIDE THE BOTTLE, dedicated to supporting the yachts in the reduction of their single use plastic waste onboard by putting in place a Fresh Water Safety Plan, so that the freshwater system is maintained and monitored for quality control. We propose equipment for the sterilisation and filtration of the water with point of use chiller and sparkling systems, providing aluminium drinking bottles for the crew. We also carry out regular onboard water analysis, guidance and solutions for peace of mind concerning the yacht’s fresh water system.

Peter Lürssen

Why Octo Marine supports Water Revolution

“At Octo Marine, care for our environment is at the heart of our practice. Not only do we do this by adhering to ISO 14001 environmental standards to control and minimise our activity’s impact on the environment, but we also try to make our mark on the war against plastic in the oceans with our ‘Think outside the bottle campaign’ and our own reusable water bottles, and by supporting organisations with the same objective. Becoming a member of the Water Revolution Foundation was the next logical step in our aim and commitment towards a more sustainable practice, where possible, in yachting. As an industry we need to work together to achieve a more sustainable route, and each service provider has their part to play.”

— Ashleigh West, Managing Director