Aluminium milling


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Snijtechniek Brabant is a trusted name in the industry and was founded in 1991. Since then, we have specialised in the manufacture of high-quality building kits for the yachting and shipbuilding industries, among others. Having your building kit milled at Snijtechniek Brabant is a sustainable choice.

Efficient work preparation
We work with a smart planning to identify potential conflicts in the initial process and resolve them in the early stages of the process. Efficiency is central to our process. With their years of experience and expertise, our professional work planners ensure the most favourable layout of the plates with our CAD/CAM software. By efficiently dividing the created aluminium parts into the right plate(nesting), the material is used optimally.

Aluminium milling
Our cutting packages are realized by the most modern printing and milling techniques. With the innovative dry-milling technique we produce a lot fewer CO2 emissions and the residual product is fully recycled. Dry milling requires 30% less energy to process the material against conventional techniques. All scraps and milling waste go back to the factory. They re-use it again to produce new aluminium. With the milling process you don’t bring heat into the product, so that the material does not weakens and shrinks. Because Snijtechniek Brabant works with dry milling, without cooling or lubrication, the welding process and the paint systems do not suffer from pollution. The milling process is also always at right angles and clean, which means that clean grinding is unnecessary. Through 3d milling with our 5-axis machines, we can manufacture accurate and complex parts. And by directly milling weld edges and rejuvenations, our customers’ welders can work faster, more efficient and healthier. In addition, we provide our cutting packages with printed weld lengths and QR codes, making parts easier to identify and place. This saves a lot of time for the builders. We sort our parts in consultation and according to the customer’s specifications. All parts can be traced with us using the printed QR codes with the Snijtechniek Brabant App, both on part status and on certificate level. It is also possible to use this QR code and app to link all other documents to the parts that are required. The construction process of our customers can therefore run more efficiently. Our progressive working method results in an average construction saving of 20% compared to conventional techniques.

Socially sustainable
We provide the best possible workplaces with growth opportunities. In the factory, we constantly measure the percentage of fine dust in the air. This is one of the facilities to provide our employees with a healthy and good workplace. We are also a recognized training company and we have continuous trainees. Snijtechniek Brabant has its own learning programme so that its employees can continue to develop. This learning programme enables developments within the discipline as well as outside.  Snijtechniek Brabant shows local involvement by sponsoring (sports) events in the area. Collaboration, innovation and human involvement: then you think of Snijtechniek Brabant.

A durable piece of aluminium milling work
Our material is also relatively durable. We mainly process aluminium. This is the most common metal on earth and is extracted from bauxite ore. As a result, it does not quickly become scarce compared to other metals. In terms of end use, aluminium is mainly durable. The material, for instance, has a long lifespan, is relatively light and also low in maintenance.  As a result, aluminium requires less maintenance than other metals. At the end of its useful life, most of the aluminium is recycled without loss of quality. This makes the material even more durable. According to The International Aluminium Institute, even 75% of the aluminium ever produced is still in use. We only process certified high-quality aluminium.

Other activities to improve the environment
On top of our production building there are 400 solar panels that supply the offices and a part of our production with electricity. We are also in continuous dialogue with our suppliers on how the recycling of all our materials can be improved and how the waste flow can be reduced. It is also nice to see that our regular transporter is already working on electric tricks for certain expeditions. We hope to see more of this in the future.

In short, Snijtechniek Brabant is an experienced, progressive and innovative partner that values innovation, sustainability and quality!


Why Snijtechniek Brabant supports Water Revolution

“Snijtechniek Brabant as a corporate partner of the Water Revolution Foundation means that we want to be an example in being the sustainable supplier for the yacht industry, by milling aluminium in an innovative way, to make the planet great again together.”

— Edwin Pols, CEO