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Speira operations are built on more than a century of aluminium rolling and recycling experience and technical expertise for aluminium products and solutions. We have locations in Germany and Norway including our Joint Venture Alunorf, the world’s largest aluminium rolling mill, Grevenbroich, the world’s largest rolled aluminium finishing mill, as well as several international sales offices. Speira employs around 5,500 people mainly in Germany and Norway.

Our name is a message: Speira comes from Greek and stands for a spiral of growing influence that originates from a strong core, uplifting performances and much more: Speira also stands for the circularity of production, using and recycling, again and again.

Speira´s purpose: Building a circular world that works. We redefine the limits of rolling and recycling aluminium, to create innovative products & solutions and foster circularity, for the sustainability of the planet and our company. Sustainability is the core of our business and part of the Speira culture. We have high ambitions in that regard and are determined to take the reduction of CO2 emissions to the next level.

Peter Lürssen

Why Speira supports Water Revolution

“Speira´s collaboration with the Water Revolution Foundation focuses on innovation, fostering the development of new technologies and aluminium solutions that can lead to more sustainable shipbuilding. It has the potential to set industry standards and inspire positive change on a broader scale, influencing how the maritime sector approaches sustainability regarding the impact of aluminium applications. We are proud to be on board at the Water Revolution Foundation!”

— Shamus Donovan, Head of Sustainability