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SulNOx Group Plc is a greentech company which specialises in providing responsible solutions towards decarbonisation of liquid hydrocarbon fuels.

Our mission is to provide immediate and tangible progression towards carbon neutrality for hydrocarbon fuel users – saving money whilst saving the planet. Our advanced proprietary fuel additives reduce the production of harmful, environmentally damaging emissions whilst also offering significant cost savings.

Our fuel additives are unique and made from natural, biodegradable ingredients, to emulsify water, increase lubricity and oxygen availability to the fuel – making it burn cleanly and more efficiently.

Peter Lürssen

Why SulNOx supports Water Revolution

“At SulNOx we can instantly help remove the emissions of today to reduce the climate challenges of tomorrow. By adopting the SulNOxEcoTM fuel conditioners, Superyacht owners have an ability to take action on decarbonisation today, dramatically reducing greenhouse gas and particulate matter whilst saving on costs from better fuel efficiency and fewer maintenance issues. Fossil fuel emissions are known to have a significant impact on the acidity of the ocean and upon the sea’s surface microlayer, the boundary between atmosphere and the ocean. By more than halving black carbon particulates from poor combustion (3,200x more potent in their contribution to climate change), this new partnership with The Water Revolution Foundation can make an immediate and significant difference in helping every superyacht in their journey towards net-zero.”

— Ben Richardson, Managing Director