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Termodinamica is a dynamic company driven by a profound passion for the ocean and the valuable relationships fostered through maritime experiences. Founded by visionary individuals, the company was established with a shared commitment to revolutionizing marine HVAC systems by integrating sustainability, enhanced performance, reliability, and power consumption reduction. The founders of Termodinamica possess immense expertise in mechanical, electrical, and refrigeration engineering. Recognizing the stagnancy of marine HVAC technology despite significant advancements in terrestrial refrigeration, they embarked on a mission to provide the industry with innovative and sustainable solutions. 

At the core of Termodinamica’s approach lies a unique vision for implementing cutting-edge technologies. Leveraging the latest advancements in Direct Expansion Compressor Technology, the company sources high-quality components and utilizes specialized in-house software to cater to the specific needs of all maritime markets. A primary focus is to address the inefficiencies and excessive power consumption prevalent in traditional marine HVAC systems. By integrating advanced engineering principles, the company aims to create solutions that not only deliver superior performance but also contribute to a greener and more sustainable HVAC Solution.  

Termodinamica takes pride in its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. With a strong emphasis on quality, the company ensures that each product and solution meets the highest industry standards. By working closely with clients, Termodinamica tailors its offerings to meet the unique requirements of every project, providing enhanced solutions that are both efficient and reliable. In addition, the company places a significant emphasis on research and development. By staying at the forefront of emerging technologies and industry trends, the company continuously seeks innovative ways to improve its products and expand its services. This dedication to advancement enables Termodinamica to remain a leader in the maritime HVAC sector. 

The company is forward-thinking and committed to transforming the marine HVAC industry. It strives to deliver efficient, sustainable, and reliable solutions that harness the power of technological innovation through its engineering expertise. With its unique vision, high-quality components, and specialized software, Termodinamica is poised to shape the future of marine HVAC systems and foster lasting relationships within the maritime community.  

Peter Lürssen

Why Termodinamica supports Water Revolution

“The Ocean, a powerful yet delicate entity, bears witness to the seemingly inconsequential and, at times, substantial impacts of human actions. As a collective of maritime professionals, it is incumbent upon us to enhance the efficiency of maritime vessel systems and revolutionize the entire life cycle of production that sustains our end products. Each one of us has a role to fulfill, and in doing so, we shall reap the rewards of an enduring shared joy that thrives upon the vast expanse of the sea. Recognizing the remarkable opportunity that lies before us, Water Revolution Foundation stands as a beacon of understanding, leading us on a path to safeguard our oceanic resources for future generations. Together, we embrace this responsibility, united in our commitment to a sustainable future.”

— Maurizio Tropea, Founder & CEO