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During 2020 and 2021, Tillberg Design of Sweden (TDoS) conducted extensive research in the cruise and yacht industry, emphasizing the critical need for sustainability and profitability in vessel development.

True progress necessitates unified development processes, spanning financing, business models, design, construction, delivery, and eventual upcycling at the end of a vessel’s service life. 

The Viken Group unites leading companies with similar values, providing comprehensive design, naval architecture, and project management services for cruise lines, yachts, hotels, resorts, and private residences.

The better together as a full service “Design Hub” vision is embodied by Viken Group, including TDoS, Hot Lab, and Thalia Marine.

Hot Lab, award-winning yacht design studio established in Milan in 2004, is known for meticulous research and elegant styling, collaborating with prestigious shipyards and refined owners globally.

Tillberg Design of Sweden, a major player since 1964, specializes in cruise ship and yacht liner projects and concepts, graphic design, and branding, always prioritizing sustainability.

Based in Trieste, Italy, Thalia Marine offers full-service project management, providing technical design expertise for yacht and cruise ship building industries, including design consultancy, quantity surveys, on-site inspections, and more.

Peter Lürssen

Why Viken Group supports Water Revolution

 “As the Group CEO of Viken Group, I firmly believe in the vital importance of preserving our oceans. The Water Revolution Foundation plays a crucial role in this endeavor, striving to protect and sustain the marine environment that is not only integral to our business in the marine industry but also to the health of our planet. Our commitment to supporting the Water Revolution Foundation aligns with our core values and our ambition to foster a more sustainable world for a better tomorrow. By joining hands with the Water Revolution Foundation, we aim to contribute significantly to safeguarding our oceans for future generations, ensuring they remain a vibrant and bountiful resource. This partnership reflects our responsibility towards the environment and our dedication to promoting sustainability in every aspect of our operations.”

— Stefan R. Nilsson, Partner & Group CEO, Viken Group