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Vitruvius Yachts focuses only on creating customised yachts. The yachts are efficient, robust – and remarkable. Each project is an individual milestone, balancing tradition and innovation and always responding to the owner’s wishes. Philippe Briand and his team start with the owner’s brief and everyone works together on the detail. The team bring to life all the owner’s ideas on the interior layouts and life on board.

How the owners use the yacht, what equipment to carry, where the yacht can travel – that is all an individual choice. Once the lifestyle demands are chosen by the owner the team can start to identify the volumes the yacht requires and present the owner with a first concept. The Vitruvius team then starts the naval architecture process for this bespoke yacht. A yacht needs the perfect ratios to create comfort at sea and at mooring. Only with meticulous bespoke architecture and more specifically the appropriate hull can this be achieved. A yacht needs to be stable and at the same time cut through the waves.

Philippe’s technical excellence and precision, accompanied by a strong artistic flair and talent for driving innovative design trends in the yachting market, have continued to evolve over what is arguably the most prolific and acclaimed career of any yacht designer today.

With 34 international yacht design awards and over 12,000 boats built to date, this makes him the ideal person to design and engineer the perfect yacht. Philippe Briand’s successes have created a loyal client base of extremely discerning owners wanting bespoke designs, as well as encouraging a new generation of owners who are attuned to his prioritisation of sustainable, intelligent design solutions, with efficient and long-range green technologies. Veerle focuses on the comfort and style of the family on board and how they can get maximum enjoyment in a sophisticated setting.

Philippe Briand

Why Vitruvius Yachts supports Water Revolution

“Vitruvius Yachts proposes a practical solution for reducing emissions and is working on the deployment of tools we need to eliminate those as much as one can. Our work with Water Revolution is an essential component within this approach.”⁠

— Philippe Briand, CEO