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Winch Design has forever been inspired by the beauty and power of the natural world and a love of the oceans has been deeply ingrained within the company since delivering its first-ever project, a 36ft sailing yacht, in 1986. The importance of sustainable practice within the yachting industry has become increasingly vital, and Winch Design is ensuring that it plays an important part in the protection of our oceans so that they remain as bountiful and inspiring for future generations.
With a reputation as a globally leading design studio, Winch is taking crucial steps to improve the sustainability of its activities, from studio to project level. The teams have typically travelled regularly but are now increasing their use of conference call technology, to encourage online meetings and project reviews in a bid to reduce air miles and the subsequent carbon footprint this contributes to.

At a design level, the Winch team always aim to promote a sustainable solution to clients wherever possible, and to work closely with suppliers who are manufacturing their products in innovative and resourceful ways. Winch is also preparing to utilise hydrogen fuel cell technology wherever possible and is growing in confidence when speaking to clients about carbon-neutral methods of propulsion. Working with shipyards like Heesen, who are actively pioneering the development of hybrid technology, is enabling Winch Design to progress this forward thinking at a faster rate.

Employees across all studios and central departments have formed an Eco Committee which meets on a regular basis to strategise and implement sustainable solutions from studio to project level. Examples of immediately impactful sustainable solutions include sourcing company food from suppliers who use no additional plastics for delivery. Winch has also been awarded The Planet Mark, recognising the studio’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions by 5% year on year. In addition to the Eco Committee, Winch Design has a thriving Charity Committee, who organise events throughout the year to raise money for three nominated charities. Included in these charities is the ocean conservation charity, The Blue Marine Foundation, for which Winch has raised £200,000 in the last four years through the London to Monaco Bike Ride, a challenge that was co-founded by Winch Design in 2016. In terms of long-term investment in research and development, Winch Design is also looking to fund university or research projects which encourage social, economic and environmental change in the UK or abroad.

Aino Grapin

Why Winch Design supports Water Revolution

“Winch Design is supporting and partnering with Water Revolution so that, as designers, we can offer our clients informed options to choose from. Sustainability is a top priority for Winch Design, for our partners in the supply chain and increasingly for our clients. None of us control the supply chain from start to end, but we all have a role to play and Water Revolution can help us mobilise the whole yacht industry.”

— Aino Grapin, CEO