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Help us preserve the oceans and neutralise the superyacht industry


Through sharing information, experience, knowledge and best practices, we can accelerate the shift towards sustainability and reduce our footprint significantly. We welcome partners who share our mission and understand that it requires a strong collaborative approach in order to secure our common future.

Anchor partner

This is the highest level of support and involvement with the foundation. Anchor partners form a group of leading superyacht-related companies who recognise the urgency to reduce our ecological footprint and share a desire to establish a collective to accelerate the shift. As co-investors, they provide this collaborative industry platform with the resources it needs to make a real difference. Become an anchor partner to be promoted as a company that takes the lead in driving change, support your investments already made in the direction of increased sustainability, gain first access to involvement in pilot initiatives and joint industry projects (JIP).

Annual fee: €25,000 or greater

Corporate partner

Corporate partners are superyacht-related companies that support change and improved sustainability of the industry. They contribute financially to make it possible for Water Revolution Foundation to employ its ambitious programme. In return, corporate partners will have access to information on sustainable solutions and tools that will help improve and benchmark their own performance, and, as such, elevate the industry’s sustainability performance. They are promoted as a valuable partner and contributor to change, and also have the opportunity to participate in joint industry projects (JIP).

Annual fee: 

<10 employees: €2,500
11-25 employees: €5,000
26-50 employees: €7,500
51-100 employees: €10,000
101-150 employees: €15,000
>150 employees: €20,000

Project partner

Project partners support specific projects of interest by making financial contributions to make such projects possible. They drive industry progress and benefit from the results of the project for your own activities. As a project partner, you can support more than one project. You do not need to participate physically.

Fee determined on per-project basis

Individual partner

An individual who supports change and increased sustainability in the superyacht industry, sharing the sense of responsibility and reflecting their own passion for yachting.

Contribution of €100 or greater

Non-profit partner

Non-profit partners are other industry organisations who partner with Water Revolution Foundation on behalf of their membership to collectively support the foundation and develop specific programmes. Non-profit organisations from outside of the superyacht industry are also most welcome to partner with Water Revolution Foundation.

Cooperation to be determined per organisation

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Alongside our efforts to reduce the footprint of the superyacht industry, we recognise that for a well-rounded approach and a sustainable future, we must also directly invest in conservation efforts.