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Lürssen, the privately-run, north German yacht builder was founded in 1875. With the build of one of the world’s first motorboats in 1886, the pioneer, Friedrich Lürßen, laid the foundation for his international, leading shipyard, which today has an outstanding reputation amongst yacht owners and within the yachting industry. The name Lürssen is synonymous with quality and performance when it comes to exclusive, luxury yachts.

Lürssen is an environmentally-aware company that continually invests in energy technologies, which in turn has led to great progress in the advancements of sustainability in the production process. The latest generation of Lürssen superyachts boasts improved fuel efficiency and lower emissions as well as a reduction in noise and vibration levels. The innovative company does not however lose sight of its heritage and still incorporates minute details for many elements of their vessels that are completed by hand, employing the skills of unique craftsmen to deliver a sustainable yacht that every owner dreams of.

The design of an ecologically sustainable yacht starts with the right concept for the yacht and the choice of modern and efficient components to reduce the energy requirement. Energy can be saved through a more efficient hull form, propeller optimisation or recovery of waste energy from engines. Emissions can be reduced via a compact exhaust treatment system specially developed by Lürssen or a sophisticated rubbish and sewage treatment for zero-discharge operation.

In addition, the right choice of equipment can help to reduce energy consumption and emissions with the use of LED lights or inline thrusters, which operate very efficiently while emitting low noise and limited vibrations. As Lürssen continues research into alternative propulsion methods such as hydrogen, short-term solutions are the installation of batteries to supply additional power when the generators exceed a certain output. This is another way to increase efficiency and reduce running hours of the gen-sets. When the load is lowered, these batteries can then be charged, operating similarly to a hybrid. With a more traditional power generation, Lürssen implements an intelligent power management system to make sure that idle systems are running on low output or are shut off using start/stop procedures, all without compromising on comfort.

Lürssen takes its social responsibility seriously and attaches great importance to good education. This includes the operation of a comprehensive apprenticeship programme in many disciplines, as well as the further developments in job specialisation for employees. Lürssen invests in social projects that help employees with childcare, such as Lürssen’s very own kindergarten and it is also a strong enabler of cultural offerings in the region.

Furthermore in the wider world, Lürssen is a strong supporter of Blue Marine Foundation, thereby enabling BLUE to work on a number of projects around the world. This helps them to realise their goal to restore healthy oceans and to place 30% of the world’s oceans under protection by 2030.

Peter Lürssen

Why Lürssen supports Water Revolution

“As a yacht builder, we make our living not only from the special allure of the oceans but also the desire that our clients have to travel and experience this adventure in the most environmentally friendly way possible. For this reason, the yachting industry came together in 2018 and founded the Water Revolution Foundation with the decision to undertake joint activities to reduce environmental pollution in addition to existing individual efforts.

I am convinced that we need to pool and expand our knowledge and activities even more than before, as it is in our common interest to actively reduce environmental impact. In my opinion, the Water Revolution Foundation forms the ideal platform to jointly focus on this goal and to encourage a new culture of environmental awareness within our industry.”

— Peter Lürssen