This is great! Already over 100 yachting professionals have been trained as sustainability practitioners via our Sustainability in Practice management course.⁠

…And we are still counting! The next course is planned for 27 & 28 May. Join us on the pathway to sustainability.⁠

⁠As participant you will learn about sustainability definitions and key concepts, as well as regulatory trends. The course will also cover how to effectively communicate sustainability and avoid greenwashing, both internally and externally. It covers even how to create a sustainability strategy, measure corporate social impact, and set methods for sustainability reporting. In short, it’s everything you need to know to take sustainability seriously.

Nikos Avlonas, President Center for Sustainability and Excellence (CSE): “We are really excited to celebrate with WRF the first 100+ yachting professionals that educated on Sustainability within the first 16 months of our collaboration.. We are also proud to be able to create a social and environmental impact  with our leading global program ” Certified Sustainability Practitioner ” for yachting professionals together with our partners and be a catalyst for change.”

More details and register here.