A crucial pursuit in our efforts to accelerate change in the superyacht industry is our Database of Sustainable Solutions – where Hull Vane, Explore E8 & E9, and Hempaguard X7 have recently been verified as sustainable solutions for offering innovative alternatives to business-as-usual systems.

Reducing the superyacht industry’s environmental impact means implementing more sustainable solutions throughout. Such solutions can be verified by the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and found in our Database of Sustainable Solutions, where systems, knowledge, and best practices are being shared in order to enable collaborations and accelerate change within the yachting community. Once published, this online hub will offer a space for suppliers to promote alternative solutions and inspire buyers to shift away from conventional practices in preference of sustainable systems, like Hull Vane, Explore E8 & E9, and Hempaguard X7. As the first verified solutions in our database, we are proud to share these products’ achievements in driving the superyacht industry toward sustainability. 

Hull Vane: an energy-saving solution for hulls
With a mission to improve the comfort and hydrodynamic performance of vessels, Hull Vane B.V. has developed a patented, energy-saving solution that reduces a ship’s motion and stern wave. The Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) conducted on Hull Vane confirms its capacity to reduce ​​fuel consumption and related emissions whilst having negligible impact on the environment through its construction and end-of-life.

Explore E8 & Explore E9: maximum power, minimum energy
OceanLED’s E8 and patented E9 underwater lights have also been verified as a sustainable solution by the LCA assessment. By providing maximum lighting effect with minimised power usage, Explore E8 & E9 exceed conventional on-board lighting systems in terms of effectiveness and sustainability.

Hempaguard X7 anti-fouling: fouling-free coating for all
Another sustainable solution verified under the LCA methodology is X7 by Hempel A/S, an antifouling coating that uses advanced technology to extend the fouling free period. This eco-friendly alternative to standard antifouling products is suitable for all yachts, with no limitations on service speeds, including those that are slow/ultraslow steaming vessels. There are likewise no restrictions for vessels operating with long service intervals up to 60 months and/or very long idle periods of up to 120 days, the latter of which matches the average operational profile found by Water Revolution Foundation for yachts over 30 metres. 

Calling on suppliers!
Hull Vane, Explore E8 & E9, and Hempaguard X7 exemplify the purpose of our database in showcasing sustainable alternatives to conventional systems within the superyacht industry. As innovative solutions that have been rigorously assessed by a third party and proven to reduce environmental impact, these products have been given access to showcase themselves in Monaco Yacht Show’s Sustainability Hub and the upcoming METSTRADE Sustainability Route.

We encourage suppliers to take inspiration from the development and verification of such products by sharing their own sustainable solutions with us in order to reach key decision makers, gain valuable insights about a product’s impact, and demonstrate the verifiability of its solution. Start the process of submitting your solution by becoming a partner of Water Revolution Foundation and supporting our efforts to neutralise the superyacht industry’s ecological footprint.