The Important Marine Mammal Areas (IMMA) programme aims to support the restoration of the balance of life in the ocean by identifying the most important marine habitats for marine mammals which can then be prioritised for conservation actions. It’s widely supported by the scientific community – and for good reason. It’s a transformative programme that ticks all the right boxes:

  • It is of the highest scientific level.
  • It meets the most stringent transparency and governance requirements.
  • It works with the most renowned ocean scientists and marine biologists – both non-political and independent.
  • It is endorsed by leading scientific and conservation institutions.
  • It has the highest visibility amongst scientists, governments, NGOs, industries and media.
  • It includes possibilities for ‘citizen science’, where interested people can participate in research and conservation actions.
  • It focuses on the recovery of the ocean ecosystem by tackling the problem at its source – with accelerating effects too.
  • It can feed into superyacht-specific operational programmes.
  • It is preparation for a future that better protects the ocean’s ability to remove carbon from the atmosphere.
  • In short, it’s the role model ocean conservation programme with a multiplier effect to boot.

The IMMA approach is based solely on the best available science, with no influence from politics or other stakeholders. This scientific legitimacy is part of the reason why the programme has such widespread support from both the ocean conservation community and regulatory bodies.

Our crowdfunding campaign is an opportunity for the superyacht community – companies, professionals, owners and charterers alike – to take on a stewardship role of the oceans. Collectively, we can support the important work of the IMMA programme and help protect our oceans.

Learn more about the IMMA programme and how you can contribute to our crowdfunding campaign