Water Revolution Foundation


Water Revolution Foundation carries out activities focused on the following three pillars:

Promoting new technology and empowering innovation to achieve a lighter footprint for the superyachting industry.

Pro-actively create industry’s own agenda,  beyond legislative developments, initiating progressive steps and actively being part of international and cross-industry worktables.

Reinvest in ocean conservation
Looking after nature for ecosystems’ vitality, human well-being and yachting habitats.


The board has identified the following activities that will make a significant impact and will deliver true value to the superyacht industry and its natural environment:

  • Be the central platform to find and promote new sustainable solutions and innovative technologies through the launch of a database;
  • Launch a scientifically-developed software tool to assess concept designs, yachts and systems, in order to measure their impact;
  • Establish a new industry culture of open-source sustainability through sharing information, knowledge and best practices;
  • Develop an educational programme through industry-tailored courses, such as a sustainability-in-practice management course;
  • Increase the industry’s awareness of our collective responsibility to reduce environmental impact and commitment to engage in ocean conservation through the first superyacht-industry wide Code of Conduct
  • Monitor the most impactful and reliable conservation projects to restore the oceans and advise the industry on which to support.