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Espen Oeino International is one of the leading designers of large superyachts. The studio is based in Monaco and has 27 employees who span seven different nationalities.  Mr Espen Oeino is a Norwegian-born Naval Architect who graduated from the faculty of Naval Architecture and Offshore engineering at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow.  Of the over 50 yachts designed and delivered by EOI, 15 of them are within the top 100 largest yachts.

EOI is essentially a small technical and design office specializing in naval architectural and engineering related disciplines.  It normally undertakes the concept, preliminary and detailed design work relating to the naval architectural, space planning and styling aspects of our projects, although it often also acts as consulting engineers/naval architects and project managers for clients carrying out modifications to existing tonnage or building vessels to designs from other offices/shipyards.

Lars Petersson

Why Espen Oeino International supports Water Revolution

“At Espen Oeino International, we strive to reduce the environmental impacts of vessels by reducing the energy requireements both underway and at rest. We have been promoting energy efficient slender with weight hulls for decades through our work with the aluminium yacht builder Silver Yacht and have now two next generation catamaran yachts under construction at Silver Yachts facilities in Jiangmen, China. In addition to being lightweight, aluminium lends itself particulary well to recycling thus reducing further the impact of the vessels over the lifetime.”

— Espen Oeino, naval architect