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Heesen is a Dutch builder of aluminium and steel custom and semi-custom superyachts that offer speed, style and fuel-efficient cruising. Our design, engineering and construction methods continue to evolve and our unrelenting focus on quality, craftsmanship and innovation has created one of the world’s most impressive shipbuilding legacies.

When building our workforce we look for suppliers who can deliver quality with an emphasis on sustainability and future-proofing the lifecycle of a yacht. We were the first shipyard to pioneer an optimised hull form for fuel efficiency (the Fast Displacement Hull Form), and the first to install the Hull Vane® (an underwater wing that harnesses the power of the waves and transforms it into forward motion) in collaboration with Dutch hydrodinamicists Van Oossanen. We are the first shipyard to build an IMO Tier III-compliant fast-cruising yacht below 500GT with Aquamarine. And we continue to build upon our hybrid propulsion offering, equipped with economic mode.

The shipyard is always exploring renewable and alternative energy sources for our yachts and facilities, including harnessing solar power. The patented Sun Tracker technology installed on the roof of our construction halls and offices in Oss automatically dims the interior LED lighting to avoid wasting energy on days where natural sunlight is sufficient. This reduces the shed’s lighting requirements by 25% while our inverter heat pumps increase our facility’s year-round efficiency. And as example of our continuous effort to reduce single-use plastic and waste, all Heesen employees are given a Dopper water bottle customised with their names.


Why Heesen supports Water Revolution

“Pushing boundaries in design, engineering and construction forms an integral part of our Heesen DNA and underpins our commitment to building a sustainable future. We believe the need to preserve the world’s oceans is our collective mission. The solution is also found in the way we design and build our yachts today. At Heesen, we are world leaders in the construction of lightweight aluminium yachts and have pioneered revolutionary new hull designs to increase efficiency, reduce drag and cut down on fuel. By installing hybrid propulsion systems and delivering ultra-efficient fast displacement hulls, we provide owners with more sustainable solutions that make the most of the yachting lifestyle. Together, we can enjoy our oceans and build our yachts sustainably.”

— Arthur Brouwer, CEO