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Marinetek is an internationally recognized brand name for premium marinas and advanced floating solutions. With the industry’s widest pontoon product range and our network of marina experts around the world, Marinetek meets the needs for building strong and safe world-class marinas.

Marinetek offers concrete pontoons, floating breakwaters and marina equipment. Through collaborative partnerships, Marinetek provides its customers professional expertise and single source services from design, manufacturing and installation to maintenance and modernization of marinas.

Marinetek was established in Finland in 1994, and since then the company has successfully delivered over 2500 marina projects in more than 50 countries. Currently Marinetek manufactures pontoons in 8 different countries and operates worldwide.

More than marinas, we deliver peace of mind for decades to come.  Not only in terms of strength and safety, but also in durability.  We strive to deliver the industry’s most durable marinas with long lifespan to minimize the ecological impact over the entire life cycle.

In addition, Marinetek is committed to driving climate actions by setting science-based targets. We understand and regularly follow up the emission footprint across all our facilities and the entire supply chain. This includes ongoing studies on the possibilities to reduce the CO2 emission both in our production and materials used in our products. Our production is ISO 14001 certified. We are also interested in the impact marinas have on marine life and what is the most sustainable way to build a marina with minimal effects on marine life and water quality.

Peter Lürssen

Why Marinetek supports Water Revolution

“We believe that durable and robust floating solutions bring sustainability by offering a long lifespan to the marina. Simultaneously, we are committed to doing it with minimal impact to the environment.

We are setting sustainability targets and reducing our CO2 footprint by seeking alternative materials and developing our production and operations. At the same time, we see sustainability in a wider scope: starting from sustainable customer relationships to health and well-being and ways of working. When we can do business in a more sustainable way, why do it any other way?”

— Santeri Suoranta, CEO