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SKF Marine’s expertise is built on the development, design, and manufacture of critical systems. Our marine solutions are designed to provide, reliable, intelligent, clean products and services to keep vessel operations running smoothly with a full portfolio of solutions, including amongst others, stabilizers, shaft components (Simplex), and oil treatment systems (Turbulo, RecondOil). With access to SKF’s marine-dedicated engineering and technical team, we are confident that together we can master the challenges of yachts building. We offer an arena for innovation – an opportunity for our customers to use the tools we provide to explore, improve, or rethink the performance of their equipment. A place where even smallest adjustments can make a big difference.

Since the first stabilizing systems manufactured in 1961, it has been SKF’s DNA to increase performance while minimizing energy consumption. A recent demonstration of this innovation pace materialized with the launch of our electric stabilizers. These systems not only contribute positively to reducing CO2 footprint by eliminating the need for oil, and instead recuperate energy, but they also provide unrivalled level of performance and comfort on-board. Nevertheless, there are still various systems on-board of yachts using oil. To eliminate the need of replacing oil we’ve just released a breakthrough innovation, RecondOil, that gives the possibility to use oil over and over again. Oil becomes an asset for a true circular use reducing the CO2 impact by 96% compared to traditional oil cycles. We deliver solutions that work on the ocean, for the ocean.

SKF is also contributing to clean energy generation applying marine engineering knowledge to convert ocean energy into electricity. We design and deliver complete systems for tidal energy generation, an alternative source growing in the clean energy mix.

We firmly believe that working together across the yacht value chain will help develop tomorrow’s solutions for the yacht industry, staying ahead of sustainability challenges.


Why SKF Marine supports Water Revolution

“Climate change caused by human activity presents an existential threat to life on this planet. Greenhouse gas emissions need to reduce rapidly to net zero. For this to happen, the global economy has to transform from being dependent on fossil fuels to being carbon-free, circular, and clean.

Our largest contribution to this transformation lies in what we can do with and for our customers; they need systems that can run cleaner, longer, and more safely. By making products lighter, more efficient, longer lasting, repairable, as well as by developing cleaner solutions – oil-free for example – we’re doing everything we can to help our customers reach significant energy and carbon reduction while supporting their ambition for growth. SKF has been addressing climate issues for years and now we have set ourselves a new ambitious goal, aiming higher. By 2030 all our manufacturing operations around the world will become carbon neutral.

By being part of Water Revolution, we can share solutions through the entire value chain that can help the yacht industry to stay on top of environmental challenges.”

— Thomas Frost, President Independent & Emerging Business