The launch of our Database of Sustainable Solutions has not gone unnoticed. BNP Paribas has offered its support to Water Revolution Foundation, as project partner, to kick-start the database and call on suppliers to register and submit their solutions for verification. BNP Paribas supports this positive step and concrete action to drive and accelerate sustainability in the superyacht industry.


“We support initiatives like this because how we respond to the challenges of the coming years will be key to the success and longevity of the superyacht industry. We believe that yachting can make important improvements in efficiency and reduction of greenhouse gases through design and technology. When thinking of the infrastructure required to replace fossil fuels with alternative green energy, it is clear that yachting will be reliant on adopting new technologies, not only for energy efficiency, but also for other environmental impacts such as paints, noise pollution and end of life. There is an urgency to build and enjoy yachting differently for the new generations.”
– Olivier Blanchet, Head of Jet and Yacht Finance


BNP’s support is confirmation that development of sustainable solutions is the way forward and is gaining support in all kinds of ways. Water Revolution Foundation is working on a growing list of benefits which suppliers of verified solutions are eligible for. We thank BNP Paribas for their support.