Join Episode 1 of the YETI Webinar Series

Join Episode 1 of the YETI Webinar Series

Why is a reliable reference needed to assess & compare superyachts? How does YETI work? What makes it a credible method? Is it relevant for regulatory requirements & developments? In which ways can it be practically applied to improve & upgrade the yachting fleet?

To address such critical questions, we are pleased to announce a new development: the Yacht Environmental Transparency Index (YETI) Webinar Series, developed to share the background, scientific approach, and practical application of this much-needed method for evaluating the environmental impact of superyachts.

Episode 1
The first episode will be taking place on Thursday, 7 March, 2024, 14:30 – 15:15 CET. Under the expert guidance of our Technical Director Hanna Dąbrowska & Executive Director Robert van Tol, this virtual session will offer a first of multiple insights into YETI, providing the foundational knowledge essential for embracing this pivotal tool to benefit your organisation. All yachting stakeholders are warmly invited to join us for a transformative session that will lay the groundwork for environmentally upgrading the existing fleet and optimising new build projects!

Programme outline
6 webinars will be offered in total, with dates for the follow-up sessions TBD:
1. Introducing YETI: Origins, Objectives, & Joint-Industry Journey (7 March)
2. Uncovering YETI Logic: Operational Profile, Propulsion, & Hotel Energy Consumption
3. YETI’s Scientific Approach: Energy Sources, LCA, & Environmental Parameters
4. Interpreting Your YETI Score: Data Input & Outcomes
5. YETI in Action: Assess & Upgrade the Existing Fleet
6. Optimising with YETI: Improving New Build Projects with Environmental Insights

Advancing environmental progress
Whether land-based professional or crew member, this series will guide you through YETI’s development and provide the knowledge needed to make concrete, practical changes within your fleet and future-proof the yachting sector as a whole.

How much does it cost?
Each session will be offered for a cost of €25, the proceeds for which will go to support YETI project developments (e.g. software creation). Foundation partners may attend free of cost.

You are kindly invited to register here. Please RSVP before Friday, 29 February to secure your spot, as seats are limited.

We eagerly anticipate your participation in the first episode, for what promises to be a valuable exchange of knowledge, experience, and findings.

Learn more about YETI.

Welcome Awwal

Welcome Awwal

We are so pleased to welcome our new Environmental Expert, Awwal Idris, to the Water Revolution team!

With a Master’s degree in Forest & Nature Conservation, Awwal’s expertise lies in a complex understanding of ecosystems, environmental impact assessment, sustainable resource management, and solving relevant challenges by translating data into actionable insights. As a skillful sustainability analyst and researcher, he will play a crucial role as the link with specialised research institutes conducting Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) and a powerful force in fostering innovation for the foundation, the yachting industry, and the world at large. 

Raised among the lush landscapes of Ghana, his childhood instilled an unwavering passion for nature and a profound appreciation for its delicate balance. Grounded in a pragmatic, science-driven approach, Awwal is motivated to make a tangible impact promoting sustainability, resilience, and a healthier planet for all.

Welcome to the Revolution, Awwal!

New products verified in the Database of Solutions

New products verified in the Database of Solutions

Magellan 630 Extra & Giraglia 633 Extra by Boero YachtCoatings, RecondOil by SKF, & Awlgrip HDT by AkzoNobel have recently received third-party verification for providing innovative solutions to conventional onboard systems.

The verification process includes a quantified evaluation of a solution’s impact on both the environment and human health measured through Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), the most widely-recognized scientific methodology for assessing the potential environmental impacts associated with a product or service. We are proud to share the three latest solutions that have undergone this stringent process and been proven to contribute to increased efficiency, reduction of environmental impact, and cleaner processes.

Magellan 630 Extra & Giraglia 633 Extra

Boero YachtCoating’s verified antifoulings, Magellan 630 Extra and Giraglia 633 Extra, offer a 20% reduction in environmental impact over the entire lifecycle compared to their previous, standard antifouling products. These high-quality solutions have been developed using innovative SPC technology, providing self-polishing systems with maximum protection and a significantly improved footprint.


SKF’s RecondOil has been verified due to its fully circular approach through the use of patented Double Separation Technology (DST) that ensures the oil remains exceptionally clean, preventing aging and enabling repeated use. The resulting ultra-clean oil contributes to significant performance improvements and longer machine life, all while improving the overall environmental impact.

Awlgrip HDT

The latest entry in our Database of Solutions is Awlgrip HDT, which incorporates High Definition Technology (HDT) to create a new standard in topcoat appearance and durability. This eco-friendly alternative to standard topcoat products delivers cutting-edge performance while substantially reducing impact compared to its previous version.

Verify your solution!

By presenting more environmentally-conscious alternatives to conventional systems within the yachting industry, Magellan 630 Extra & Giraglia 633 Extra, RecondOil, and Awlgrip HDT embody the mission of our database. Having undergone the thorough third-party Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), these solutions have earned access to exhibit at Monaco Yacht Show’s Sustainability Hub and METSTRADE’s Sustainability Route.

Suppliers are urged to draw inspiration from such products by going through the assessment process to gain valuable insights and showcase the verifiability of their solutions, among a myriad of additional benefits. To get started and learn more, please reach out to us at

COP28 Event: Regenerative Blue Economy

COP28 Event: Regenerative Blue Economy

We are honoured to be involved with this year’s COP28 UAE for the session – A Regenerative Blue Economy as Means to Harmonizing Climate Action: Post-2030 framework beyond sustainability.

The concept of a “regenerative blue economy” has emerged, prioritizing both sustainability and economic prosperity while actively seeking to protect and rejuvenate our marine and coastal ecosystems. This approach extends beyond maintaining the status quo, aiming to breathe new life into our natural oceanic resources, empower local communities, bringing together public and private sector, and recognize the interconnectedness of the sea and climate.

Together with the University of Genoa, we will be hosting an event at the United Nations SDG Pavilion where insights on this “regenerative blue economy” and its aim to address ocean challenges will be uncovered by influential ocean advocates. The session will be moderated by Youth Ocean Champion Bodhi Patil and feature an inspiring discussion between Vienna Eleuteri of Water Revolution Foundation, Adriana del Borghi from University of Genoa, Michela Gallo of the Centre for the Development of Products Sustainability (CESISP), & Paul Holthus from World Ocean Council.

Date & Time: 9 December 2023, 16:45 – 17:45 UTC+4
Location: SDG Pavilion, Blue Zone, Expo City Dubai UAE & Online

We encourage all Revolutionaries to join for what promises to be an inspiring discussion on the vision beyond 2030 and the necessary steps to establish a cohesive framework, guiding principles, and appropriate tools for a new paradigm of development.

More details and access to the livestream can be found here.

Meet us at The Superyacht Forum & METSTRADE 2023

Meet us at The Superyacht Forum & METSTRADE 2023

The Superyacht Forum & METSTRADE 2023 are right around the corner, and we are so excited to unveil our compelling programme for these events as strategic partners for another year.

Water Revolution is set to play a pivotal role during The Superyacht Forum’s ‘Ocean’ Day on Wednesday, 15 November. From 11:30 – 13:00, we will be leading the workshop YETI – Lifecycle Impact & Refit to explore how refit activities and modifications can affect a yacht’s score for the Yacht Environmental Transparency Index (YETI). This engaging session will feature insights from our Sustainable Design Specialist, Hanna Dąbrowska, along with contributions from Kristina Hebert of Ward’s Marine Electric, Derek Munro from Divergent Yachting, and Stefan Coronel of Royal Huisman Shipyard.

Following this, our Executive Director Robert van Tol will be participating in the Keynote Debate – Ocean Focused Sustainability from 16:30 – 18:30, presenting our initiatives and ambitions related to ocean advocacy, impact improvement, and delivering ESG frameworks. He will be joined on stage by Nigel Marrison of Blue ESG, Kelvin Murray of EYOS Expeditions, and Natalie Quevert of Sea Index to highlight our collective pursuit of a sustainable yachting industry.

Take a walk down the Superyacht Sustainability Route

Exhibitors who have passed a third-party Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) with a verified entry in our Database of Solutions will be featured and given exposure to purchasers attending METSTRADE on the second edition of the Superyacht Sustainability Route. This year’s route will feature Explore E8 & E9 by OceanLED, Hempaguard X7 by Hempel, Hull Vane by Hull Vane B.V., RecondOil by SKF, and Magellan 630 Extra & Giraglia 633 Extra by Boero.  

You can find a member of our team at our service desk in the Elicium building from 10:00 – 12:00 & 15:00 – 17:00 each day throughout the METSTRADE show (15-17 November)!

Celebrating 5 years of the Revolution

Our valued partners will gather on Thursday, 16 November in celebration of Water Revolution’s 5th anniversary to commemorate the remarkable milestones achieved thus far and establish new relationships among committed partners. To join such events and engage in our exciting programmes, we invite you to consider becoming a partner. 

Discussing how to provide & request proof of environmental solutions

Discover the inner-workings of our comparative Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and the rewards it can bring to your company by joining our Programme Director, Alexey Shifman, for a presentation at the METSTRADE Theatre on Friday, 17 November from 13:30 – 14:00.

We are eager to meet you next month at The Superyacht Forum and/or METSTRADE! Please don’t hesitate to reach out for any questions or comments.

Meet the Board: Henk de Vries

Meet the Board: Henk de Vries

Introducing Henk de Vries, chairman of the Revolution!

Henk began his career with Feadship in 1987 as a fourth generation De Vries family member, joining brother Joost and cousin Tom. He is now CEO of Koninklijke de Vries Scheepsbouw together with four cousins, and co-CEO of Feadship with Jan-Bart Verkuyl of Royal Van Lent.

In the early 2010s, Feadship presented several eco-friendly yacht concepts and researched more sustainable production, completing their first hybrid boat in 2015. With a strong commitment to address and reverse the ocean’s deterioration, Henk expressed the company’s vision: “The relatively modest footprint of superyachts could be a good stepping stone for a totally clean industry, a guiding light for the whole shipping sector. Also, I felt that building non-polluting pleasure boats would provide a competitive advantage as well!”

Henk’s journey with Water Revolution began during a brainstorm in summer 2018, after Dr. Vienna Eleuteri formulated the initiative to incorporate sustainability in the superyacht microcosmos. “Our goal was to inspire the industry, get strong commitment from key players and create industry standards,” he shared. “Late 2019 in a keynote speech at Mets, I called for zero emissions by 2030 in our superyacht domain, at the time that IMO was still considering 50% less by shipping in 2050.. Revolutionary indeed! We are now on track for a clean 2030 and look forward to working with you towards this goal.”

Hear more about Henk’s vision for Water Revolution here.