The foundation is asking captains and marinas to share insight into shore power availability and usage

We are undertaking a research project to understand the availability and usage of shore power in superyacht marinas and help assess the current and future environmental impact of the sector.

To collect data on the topic, two surveys have been created; one to ask captains about their shore power usage and experience, and the other to ask marinas about shore power availability and demand.

“Based on this, we will be able to determine the shore power usage of yachts in our standardised operational profile for our Yacht Assessment Tool and Yacht Environmental Transparency Index (YETI),” explains Robert van Tol, executive director.

“In addition to efforts to reduce the amount of energy needed for on board operations, we also need to look at the source of energy to understand the footprint. Among multiple factors, also the energy mix of local grids plays a role. As a spin-off from our projects, we might be able to inform yacht operators on the geographical differences of grids at common yacht destinations to indicate where it is cleaner to plug into shore power and where it is better to use generators.”

Water Revolution is asking for captains and marina representatives to help with this valuable research and participate in the surveys. To take the captains’ survey, please click here. And to take the marinas’ survey, please click here.