Alongside providing the superyacht industry with the tools and knowledge to reduce its footprint, we recognise that, for a sustainable future, the industry must also directly invest in conservation efforts. We need to go beyond only reducing our impact – only then can the superyacht industry succeed in becoming sustainable.

In fact, it’s time we made the oceans a key stakeholder of our industry. We need to shift from viewing ocean conservation as philanthropy to understanding that it is, in fact, an investment.

We are pleased to see an increasing commitment throughout the yachting community to support the protection of the ocean. Yet, this comes with questions, namely, what are the most effective and impactful projects to support? That’s where Water Revolution Foundation comes in.

To systematically address this question, we have embarked on a mission to identify and support truly impactful and innovative marine conservation projects. In the coming year, the foundation will develop a formal ocean conservation programme. “This forthcoming programme will deliver a new path to nurturing both ocean and human vitality through transformative marine ecosystem conservation projects at scale,” said Vienna Eleuteri, initiator and vice-chair of Water Revolution Foundation. “By doing so, we are connecting an entire business sector to the scientific community and the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.”

The Important Marine Mammal Areas (IMMA) programme is our first endorsed project. It aims to support the restoration of the balance of life in the ocean by identifying the most important marine habitats for marine mammals and prioritising them for conservation actions. We view it as an opportunity for the superyacht community to take on a stewardship role of the oceans with companies, professionals, owners and charterers alike coming together to collectively support the programme’s important work and help protect our oceans.  

Learn more about the IMMA programme and how you can contribute to our crowdfunding campaign